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Our goal is to give artists the best place to launch art, to help build their audience and reward them to keep on being creative.

Create a masterpiece

Get the creative juices flowing in your art app of choice. Produce something you're proud of and get set to launch it to the world.

Upload your creation

Upload your masterpiece along with a title and description, signing the whole package with a Bitcoin Address to set ownership of the art, then get ready to share the link to your work.


And your art is launched. No, wait! There's no art to see!?!
Promote your link and get fans to pay for pixels, they can leave a message too.
Each pixel is revealed when sold bringing more and more of the art to life.

It is done

The art is complete after all pixels have been sold. The image can be shared like any other on the web, but unlike any other image, this one has a unique history.
Sparkshot hosts the full story of how the art arrived into the world, every message, every pixel, every payment recorded for future prosperity.

We believe artists should have the freedom to create without restriction*. ฿itcoin payments cannot be censored or blocked unlike other systems or services.

By contributing to the line up of Lightning Network native applications today we do our best to ensure a strong adoption for the future. It starts here.