Can I earn Bitcoin by selling art on this platform?

Yes. However for the time being, our process involves sending Bitcoin to artists manually. We ask that the first submission from each artist is done prospectively. Upon proving customer interest in the art via earned revenue through purchases, we are happy speak with artists about payouts in exchange for continuing to submit art to our platform. Note that we will require artists to cryptographically authentic with messages signed by the private key tied to each art submission, so do ensure that you retain ownership of the private key you utilize.

How can I upload art for sale?

Artists must use the upload process and provide us 1) a title for the art 2) a description for the art 3) the art image 4) (optionally) a greyscale image of the same dimensions which sets prices for each pixel (white/#ffffff meaning 1 satoshi/pixel through to black/#000000 meaning 16 satoshis/pixel). 5) A Bitcoin addresss and 6) a signed message which authenticates the art (our submission process will assist you in constructing this).

Submitting this package places the art in our curation queue for approval. This helps us filter inappropriate and low-quality content.

By design, we do not require you reveal your identity to us or anyone else (beyond the pseudonymous Bitcoin address). However, you can optionally provide contact information if you want to be notified of curation approval and your art being live.

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What kind of art can be submitted?

We are believers in free speech in free expression. However, the art we allow is curated and we would like to keep the content on our site safe for work and younger audiences. If we find there there is demand for 'edgier' artistic content, we would like to section off a portion of this platform in the future.

Is there are particular type of art you prefer?

Not really. We are interested in maximizing the creative freedom of the artists. Since this platform is good at allowing viewers look at the art up-close to the pixels, large sections of the image with uniform-colored pixels are perhaps less interesting, however for some types of art, this style might be perfectly appropriate.

Does uploading the art mean I no longer 'own' my art?

No, we do not ask for the transfer of copyright ownership of this art. We are happy to allow artists to seek additional revenue from the art (prints, mugs, t-shirts, etc.) in other ways once it has been debuted here.

What are the technical limitations of the art that can be accepted?

At present, our platform can accept .png images up to maximum dimensions of 1000x1000 pixels. We treat transparent pixels as being over pure white (#ffffff) and all colors are interpreted as 24-bit color.